3D Modeling Animation Art and Design at VCAD

My name is Roneel. I graduated from VCAD. I took 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design program.

VCAD was really nice as well as teachers because it was very easy to talk to them. They helped us out a lot. We had a lot of fun. It was very easy to model with them and to get feedback and advice.

My demo reel is based on a scrap yard or in other words a bone yard. Most of the objects there are airplanes. In fact you can see a crashed airplane as the camera goes into the interior of it. Also, in the demo reel I have a Western style gas station and run-down 1948 Chevrolet truck. It was really fun to model. Just for laugh I put a space shuttle in there too.

As for the future I would love to go into the 3D modeling or visual effects. 3D animation would be fine too.

In the beginning I would like to work for Nickelodeon or any small studio, but in five years’ time I would love to work for Pixar and Disney.

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