VCAD on Instagram by John

VCAD on Instagram by John - Couple of Portrait Favs My Classmate

Couple of portrait favs my classmates done…Audrey Hepburn n Minos #VCAD

VCAD on Instagram by John - Clint Eastwood Portrait

Did this Clint Eastwood portrait for Drawing 1 class…#VCAD #Schoolgrind

VCAD on Instagram by John - Action Skeleton for Life Drawing 2

Recreating faces for a drawing assignment…So far #Soulgood #HA! #VCAD #Schoolgrind

VCAD on Instagram by John - Recreating Faces for a Drawing Assig

Finished #UP my action skeleton for Life Drawing 2 class tomorrow…Break before tackling sum Storyboarding thumbnails #Latenightzoning #Schoolgrind #Pencils #Rendering #Crossbone #Manifestation #Artwork #VCAD #HA!

VCAD on Instagram by John - Torso Studies of a Model

Some torso studies of a model, good practice on bone placement and muscle structure…#VCAD #Schoolgrind #HA!

VCAD on Instagram by John - Work on Colour Design Final

First one #IN-to work on Colour/design final…This is exciting cause I’m bringing to life characters for a long projected comic #Sneakpeek #Schoolgrind #VCAD #HA!


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Work by the VCAD Interior Design Program Student Samantha B

Design of the office space with furnishings, colours, textures t

Hotel Bar Concept Sketch - Hand Sketch, Rendering

Hotel Lobby - Hand sketch, rendering

Interior design for the Winnipeg exchange district condo decorat

Liquor Store - Hand Drawing, Rendering

Residential Kitchen made in 3D Studiomax

Vancouver Loft Apartment made in 3D Studiomax and Photoshop

VCAD’s Interior Design program allows you to develop a skill set that compliments your creative vision so you can excel in interior design. The program introduces students to design principles, color theory, space planning, drafting and industry-standard software.

Here what the Interior Design student has to say about the college:
“The instructors are people who actually work in the field they teach. We have great computers, compared to a public school, and if you do not have your own computer it is okay because there is a computer lab available for use. Overall, the staff and other students are great. People seem to get along and are all working towards similar goals.”

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