VCAD Fashion Interview with Ross Victoriano

My name is Ross Victoriano.

My collection is about Shaolin monks. It is actually originated from China where the martial arts were first formed. I thought it was an excellent opportunity to get my Asian culture especially because I am half Filipino and half Chinese. That’s why I used Shaolin monks as my inspiration.

At the beginning my collection was full of colors and full of details of every kind and then I’ve learned to minimalize it and go into one direction where it will tell a story to the people about those clothes.

The changes that I had I think are paying attention to every detail on making garments because when I was still studying I didn’t care about details, I always focused on the designs, but when I learned sewing I got to know more about paying attention to the details.

When I take inspiration I always get it from the people around me and people I see one the streets, that I get inspired from. Also, those are things I haven’t seen before.

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