VCAD Fashion Interview with Olivia Stewart

I’m Liv. I was born on Vancouver Island.

I grew up sewing with my grandmother from a very young age and realized that I had passion for the fashion and clothing; so, couple of years ago I went here to Vancouver and took the program at VCAD. I have been working on clothing ever since and mastering my craft.

My collection is called “Pioneer Provisions” and it has been inspired by the silhouette of the moth and cocoon shape. I kind of find that the moth has been an underdog of the butterflies and that is why I took an inspiration from the moth and based my clothing on that.

I think in fashion personal taste has been very opinionated and no matter what you make there will be always someone out there who hates what you make or is going to love it; so, it is a matter of putting yourself out there and finding those people who are going to love your work for what it is and how you make it.

I think to intrude your own vision and having outlets to express yourself is key. Just really a way to express what is going on inside of the person and that is what it is for me.

I see clothing as a functional thing that everybody needs, everyone has to wear it and it’s also a way to express who you are inside. Everyone wakes up in the morning and choses what to wear to show that’s the type of person they are and I think that is the most important thing for me in fashion.

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