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Graphic Design Student
VCAD taught me a lot about the use of color, design, principles in general and it’s funny because I went into graphic design course where I’ve been able to apply all sorts of my illustrations. In other words a lot what I’ve learned is universal.

Fashion Design Student
I just love the fact that there are so many people congregating in one place and all of them have different ideas and different plans for themselves. It is very interesting to meet all of those different people and associate with all of those designers with different aesthetics. VCAD is unique because it’s in the city that is a melting pot.

Graphic Design Student
I did a lot of research about the schools that offer graphic design program and I’ve chosen VCAD because they are more traditional and then they go into digital. It is not like going straight into computer design and I really like that. I like to sketch and draw, and then put into the computer. It looks very nice.

3D Modeling Animation Art and Design Student
VCAD was really nice especially teachers. They were easy to talk to and they helped us a lot. We had a lot of fun and it was very easy to model with them. It was very easy to get feedback and advice from them too.

Fashion Design Student
Every moment at VCAD was about preparing my graduate collection and even though it can be very stressful and probably the hardest part of the program it is still very fulfilling to finish, be able to come here and display all of your work for the people in the industry, family and friends. This is the big payoff.

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Visual College of Art and Design
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Vancouver, BC
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VCAD student portfolio show gathered lots of industry professionals, curious spectators, family and friends VCAD Graphic Design student works on display at the portfolio show