VCAD Fashion Design Interview with Tira Hummelle

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My name is Tira Hummelle and I went to VCAD for fashion design.

I am actually from a small town in Alberta; so, coming to the city was a huge change for me. I was originally thinking about going into the arts program and I just started looking at the different schools. I saw that there was a fashion design program available here. I thought to check it out and see if I would be interested in it, and it turned out exactly what I kind of needed. Yeah, it was right after high school.

What I have learned most while going to the school at VCAD was garment construction. I had an excellent garment construction teacher and he really taught me how to take my designs and be able to put them together and make them successfully.

To see my pieces on a model for the first time I think is one of the biggest highlights. It is different creating pieces and seeing them on a mannequin or something, but to have the whole picture put together and have all of your models wearing the pieces is amazing.
It is totally worthwhile. I could have never imagined myself doing anything else now and I had no idea that it was going to be as exciting. Being able to creatively express yourself in so many different ways is an amazing experience.

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