VCAD Interior Design Students ReDesign for Charity

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On December 13, 2012 the Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD) Interior Design students were involved in the re-design project of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre that is located in Vancouver, BC.

VCAD senior interior design student Giovanna was a coordinator and manager of the project along with the VCAD instructor Rene Picard. She explains that in order to get some real world experience as the interior designers they decided to re-design the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre after carrying out an extensive research on various charity organizations. According to Giovanna because of the range and nature of the services the center provides that was a perfect fit for the project.

Christopher says that one of his classmates mentioned that the downtown eastside was not very well to do area, which was one of the biggest determinants why the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre was chosen for the Interior Design project.

Sarah says that ever since she was sixteen or seventeen years old she was always trying to find the way to occupy herself with various jobs. According to her she did some charity work in Edmonton and now she is doing the same in Vancouver.

Jared says that lots of things are being unnoticed and neglected, but they took a look around and saw the need. According to him it was much tougher than everybody actually thought it would be, but he thinks that they have learned a lot about the obstacles one runs in to. From now on they are ready to work on any project because the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre was an awesome experience.

Giovanna thinks that everybody can benefit from the Interior Design because of the big impact it creates on one’s psychology and how the person feels. According to her the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre project was a great experience to all off the students who worked on it. All of the challenges, obstacles and space planning things created very valuable experience for everybody.

Jared says that in every person’s life there are more good things than bad ones, but for the people who use the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre that is not the case; therefore, Jared and his classmates decided to give a little of themselves to the people who need their help. He continues, in the perfect case scenario people should have to help others regardless the season and Christmas is the time to do that the most.

Giovanna says that police officers and teachers are the ones who help the community, but in her case the way to help the community is through the world of design.

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