Drawing Tutorial – Old Man’s Face

Learn How to Draw an Old Man’s Face in Two Point Perspective Part 1 of 5

Today we are going to draw an old man’s face. Let’s start with a rectangle in perspective. That’s right, we should start with curving in some basic shapes and then to make the face from that. We should put down the horizon line with two vanishing points. Draw some simple shapes. The reason why we have to hit the vanishing points is to create the structure in perspective. One might ask — why do we want to draw the old man’s face in perspective? The answer is very simple — we don’t always want to have some flat drawings. Perspective will definitely give some volume to the drawing.

After we are done with the basic shapes will start subdividing them and start drawing curved lines; in order to do that we will have to dissect the corners so that the lines meet in the center. Dissect as many corners as you can because it will make your life easier as soon as you start free hand the curved lines.

Use your rough lose pencil to start carving shapes in. It will help us to understand what we actually want to achieve.

Now we are ready to start drawing the chin. Go around and see what you can do with the drawing. As soon as it is done we can start drawing an eye and eyebrow. The distance between both eyes is of the size of an eye. Keep moving on with the nose.

Start mapping things out like hair and shape of the head. Keep it lose and rough.

Draw the mouth by marking where it is going to be.

Let’s take another pencil and over exaggerate the iris of the eye because whenever you look at a photograph you will always see a dot of the iris in the eye.

Learn How to Draw an Old Man’s Face in Two Point Perspective Part 2 of 5

Let’s see what we can do with the corners at the top of the nose, but we do want to focus on the eyes. Don’t put one continues line. Look how I go back and forth in the drawing.

Keep on working on the eyes. Switch to the pen and over exaggerate the eyes because that is the soul of the drawing. Draw some lines under the eye including a line under the nose. Block the nose and add details — we need to get some expression into the old man’s face. It is very good working with the pen because it will definitely help you to practice as you decide to draw digitally.

I still need to draw the other eye; therefore, let’s switch to a pencil of the different color. Work around and get the feel of your drawing. Keep moving on with adding details to the face.

Learn How to Draw an Old Man’s Face in Two Point Perspective Part 3 of 5

I don’t draw one continues line; I go back and forth in the drawing. Basically you are working on the full drawing and not on one part of it only. The reason why I’m using a different color pencil is to block more shapes in.

You can always erase any details you don’t like. There is a great advantage in drawing with the pen because those lines will remain. There are too many work lines in our drawing; therefore, let’s get rid of them now and add some details afterwards.
Now you can see the structure of the character underneath. Sit back and think what you want to achieve and what has to be added or altered to do so. Let’s start with the eyes. We need to exaggerate them so that they pop out of the drawing. As soon as one eye is done we can switch to the other side. Add some details to the face.

Some people don’t like erasing lines, but I like it a lot because at the end of the day it will give more life and sense of depth to the drawing. I don’t care about how many lines I add because I want to structure the drawing and make it look the way I want to. When you draw digitally you can undo actions you have made and the same here – I can delete lines whenever I want to.

Now we can dig in with much darker pencil to make a different structure. What I can do, I can add more creative details. Once it is done I will go back and add the final details with the pen.

Keep working on the chin shape and facial lines. Add some life to the drawing. As you can see I follow the rough lines here by adding some details. Work out the curved lines and avoid the straight ones or your drawing will look stiff and lifeless.

Learn How to Draw an Old Man’s Face in Two Point Perspective Part 4 of 5

Keep working on the mouth. Now we can use a softer pencil to add some block shading. Work around the eyes and use your fingers to smudge the lines. The reason why I’m using a different pencil is to add some more lines that will mix with the other lines.

Now let’s erase some of the lines and see what we can do. Later on it will allow me to simplify the shapes. As you can see those other color lines we can see quite clearly. Actually while I am doing this I think what I can do next. I like those soft colors that are mixed with the other ones.

Now we are ready to work with the pen and add some details. Start with the eye as that is the most important part of the drawing. Sometimes it is good to scan your drawing before you erase the lines because it will allow you to go back and see what was where.

Go around the head with the pen and details. I need to connect eyes with the nose. There are no continues lines here because otherwise there wouldn’t be any life in the drawing.

Now we can start switching between different pencils, pen and markers.

The face starts to come together.

Learn How to Draw an Old Man’s Face in Two Point Perspective Part 5 of 5

Let’s erase some of the lines we don’t need. Let me remind you what we have done:

– We started with the two vanishing points
– We drew the horizon line
– We drew some simple shapes like squares and rectangles in perspective
– Finally we created rounded lines and shapes from the simple shapes

Let’s finish our drawing; nothing much has been left to do. Go back to the eyes and enhance them with the pen. Work around the head and add details to the hair, eyebrows and everything else.

Sit back and evaluate what else has to be added to achieve your goal.

Add some shades and soften them up – blur with your finger. Work on mouth and some extra details under it. Now we have an old man’s face in perspective.

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