VCAD Fashion Interview with Tennille Oppen

Tennille Oppen. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta. I moved here about five years ago to go to the school and I have been living here since.

My collection was really inspired by the process of dyeing fabric; so, experimented a lot with natural dyes, synthetic dyes and what kind of fabrics would take different types of dyes and how they interacted together. It is supposed to be fun and light hearted, and not to be taken too seriously, which is how I like things.

I was inspired by 1930’s surreal art; so, it’s a little bit strange especially those couple of pieces. I designed all of my own prints on fabrics. I really like the surrealism aspect of the things, which are a bit larger than life and finding the way to tailor them to a wearable commodity.

Whether you like it or not subconsciously or consciously you judge someone for the first 30 seconds of meeting them and a large part of that is what they wear, how they look, how they present themselves and you want to pay attention to that because even if you don’t think it is important, it’s a lot more important than the most people think it is.

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