VCAD Fashion Interview with Zoe Collins

My name is Zoe Collins.

I decided to go into fashion because a) I got obsessed with sewing and I knew I wanted to make something creative with my hands and b) everybody wears clothes; so, I see fashion as a great way of portraying your own style, your creativity and your artistic vision, and sharing it with other people in a very accessible way.

I was really struck when I first entered this program at how determined my fellow colleges were and it really spurred me to take it more seriously as I would have to. Going in to the program I knew very little about the fashion world, about design, this and that. I liked art and I liked making stuff, that’s all I knew. I thought I might be making dresses one day, but who knows.

Coming into the program and seeing all of those people who are so into it really made me to step up a notch.

Now when I think about fashion, there is a whole slew of things. I think that my vision of what fashion is has really expanded since starting at VCAD and since finishing at VCAD as well. To me now it’s a whole spectrum of self-expression as to where you hold yourself – it’s your posture, it’s not just the clothes you wear, but the way you wear them.

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